Grateful for Life


Hello, my amazing friends! So I wanted to start today by writing about one of the most important things I’m grateful for: being alive! This is probably a very vague and maybe basic thing, but it’s definitely something we all seem to forget. I’m grateful for being alive and for being able to see the world and all its glory. Sometimes we get into these routines that seem so mundane and repetitive that we don’t take the time to really appreciate the beauty that’s all around us. There are so many terrible catastrophes around the world and some people pass away before they ever get the chance to experience all the beautiful things that life has. We must take the time to appreciate the wonders of the world and how lucky we are to just be breathing and smiling. Some people didn’t get that chance today.

There’s a lot of things in life that we can’t predict. Stuff happens in life that we can’t control. Take everything with a grain of salt and try to look at it with a different perspective. Look at these bad circumstances as challenges that you need to overcome in order for you to grow and be the person you are destined to be. We won’t grow if we spend our whole lives avoiding challenges. Be grateful for the obstacles of life. Not necessarily for the challenge, but for the opportunity it gives you to do better and grow as a person. Be grateful for all these things in life.


Be grateful for all things in life. Be especially grateful for the little things. These molehills of life become mountains of strength and confidence for our self-improvement. Be grateful for that morning walk. Be grateful for the person that held the door open for you. Be grateful for the great service and amazing food you had at your favorite restaurant. Be grateful for the smiles of other people. Spread this gratitude toward others by paying it forward. Helping others in need can really help you appreciate life that much more. Whatever you do, be grateful for it!


From one grateful person to the next,