About Todd

So why would you want to know about Todd, anyway? Well I’m a very simple, hardworking man who grew up in a small town in Iowa. I went to school and got a good degree and decided to follow my friends and get a good job in a big city. Even though I loved my friends and the city life was pretty awesome, it wasn’t really for me. I got sucked into the lifestyle and found my self feeling unfulfilled and short tempered. I’ve since token a step back and evaluated my life. I’ve made a conscious effort to work on my self-improvement. And one thing I’ve found is that putting things into perspective and pointing out all the grateful things in your life, can really put you in the right state of mind. No matter what problems arise, I always have something to be grateful for and I can make it through anything.

That’s a little bit about me. You’ll get to know me better as I post more and more each day.


From one grateful person to the next,